The week that was.

Kasabian, then Sleeper, then Jamiroquai. Busy gig weekend then ?!

Kasabian 10/10

Sleeper 9/10

Jamiroquai 5/10 – well it’s the same track with different lyrics every time, isn’t it??

Tonight I saw Stealing Dan, a tribute band, who musically were probably as good as any of the above, but to an audience of 30 people in a pub….

My new Triride battery arrived today – it’s a thousand pounds for a battery… a hell of a lot undoubtedly, but meaning that I can go twice as far without the risk of getting stuck, if I take a second fully charged battery. As my options dry up fast once my battery runs out, to me that’s a massive deal, and huge reassurance. Arguably I need a third battery.

At the O2 on Sunday, Pia and I tried to get into a lift. About 12 or so 25-30 yr olds had leapt in before us, leaving me and another lady in a wheelchair outside the lift. Thé able bodied peeps were completely oblivious to the needs of the wheelchair users that REALLY COULDNT use the nearby stairs of escalators.

Not being the shrinking violet type, i just headed into the lift in the upright iBot, scattering those before me ( politely ….)   Pia however was far more vociferous, asking the people to consider the wheelchair lady, and telling them to get out. The responses were actually all from the women, who came Back with ‘ oooh, get you with the attitude ‘ kinda expressions. I said nothing at all, tho edged my IBot more forward.

Eventually they all got out ( with muttering ) and let the other paralysed person use the lift.

Personally i think it’s wrong that people behave in that way, but I understand that it’s totally not illegal for able bodied to use elevators. I

The public arguably has a lot to learn…?

2 thoughts on “The week that was.

  1. As we all know, not all disabilities are visible, and I have friends with various problems such as Rheumatoid Arthritis who have mobility problems and need to use the lift. BUT I know they would happily stand aside and let a wheelchair user on, and say ‘send the lift back down after, will you?’

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