Now in bed.


Stella and i stoppéd to have some wine in a pavement cafe. I relaxed my no drink rule on the basis of f*** it.

My abdomen feels very uncomfortable – even though I can’t really feel it – maybe the deeper nerves still transmit something to my brain.

The French hospital has prescribed a 21 day course of antibiotics. That’s 3 times as long as they give you in Britain. Maybe that’s what someone like me needs to actually be rid of an infection? Perhaps my suicide last week was more to do with a lurking UTI than I thought?

What do I know? It’s all very unclear to me.

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  1. I’ll second Beth’s opinion – those Frenchies do seem to have a good (and rather different) grasp of medicine, so you’re in good hands. Fingers crossed the antibiotics will soon start to get going and you will have a nice trip. Paris is lovely and they seem to appreciate that there are wheelchair users in this world. xxx

  2. I hope they kick in soon Russ. Xx
    I always think the French know a fair amount pills.
    Take care lovely man, you sound like you are in good hands with Steely Stella xx

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