( 25/7/17  The below was written  at about 5pm on Saturday July 22nd. It was written  about 7 hours before I calmly ended my life. It was written  in the mindset of ‘ I want to set the record straight before I go’ )


People have said that I shouldn’t post anything personal in this diary, about my divorce etc etc.

I have observed that rule, pretty much.

I got access to my daughter’s phone today and I saw Danielle’s latest picture message to her. It shows my 2 brothers on holiday together in QDL, which is in Portugal .

Danielle saw this on my brother’s  Facebook page, and sent it to my daughters.

It has the message that you can see in the photo.

NFI is an abbreviation for Not Fucking Invited

Pretty classy for her ( solicitor ) mother send that sort of mocking message to my teenage daughters .

I get bad press from my Ex wife, for sure, to my 2 daughters.

You make your own conclusions as to which one of us is a  ‘ constructive  parent ‘ Post divorce.

I won’t post pictures of all the other messages that I saw about me, from Danielle ( solicitor ) to my daughters .

My Ex portrays herself as linen white, and ‘ grown up/ mature ‘. I didn’t see a lot of evidence of that in her texts about me to my daughters.

It’s bad enough being paralysed, to be fair, without being painted as some kind of evil bas****, which she does, very cleverly.

So, just wanted to put the record straight . I think she might have shot herself in the foot, this time.




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  1. I don’t know what happened between you and your Wife before your divorce but to involve children in her sick game is really not on. She is supposed to be in a very highly regarded profession and to use the language that she has is disgusting. I have never seen on here you run your Wife or your children down – except now. I think that you have every right to tell your side of the story. Margaret x x PS I hope that i never run into her if i ever need a Solicitor, I don’t usually swear but i would tell her to F O

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