Happy holidays..

When Amanda and  I got to the apartment, on Sunday, as well as not being able to actually get into it, there wasn’t proper bedding, and no foodstuff or liquids left there.

The place had been vacated 12 hours before my my ex wife and the kids, plus Pringle.

To be honest, in my sleepless and ragged state, I thought I’d  demonstrate my displeasure by leaving a bag of poo in the apartment as a welcome gift for my ex wife, who is returning here with her friends shortly after I leave.

Having had the benefit of sleep and sunshine, I have very much taken the moral high ground ( as I do ) and left the apartment clean and stocked with provisions – milk/ water/ wine and some crispy snacks.

I sincerely wish them all a wonderful trip.

7 thoughts on “Happy holidays..

  1. The nice thing about staying on the high road, is that nobody has to help you get back up there. Also glad you gave up the poo bag pressie idea.

  2. Good on you – that’s the right thing to do. I am quite partial to Pringles myself. Love Margaret x x

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