Since the hospital is very close to The Shard, it doesn’t make sense not to go up there, even though I’ve been a few times.

I went 2 days ago, in the daytime, and having been only at night before, it does all look different. It does help to ‘ orientate’ your mind map of London ( or mine, anyway ).

Whilst at the top, I saw two very ‘ dressed up ‘ ladies. Upon asking them  why, and to which Ball they were about to go , it all became very clear when they said they’d just come up from Port Talbot on the bus, and thought they’d dress appropriately for a night out in London…. nobody is naturally funnier than a Welsh girl, older than 40, who’s worked all her life and isn’t shy about giving her honest perspective on a situation – take my Aunties as 2 examples…

They said they were doing the MoonWalk a couple of days later, and I said I’d sponsor them ( obviously ).  Having done countless things for charity in my past, I know that the hardest thing isn’t doing the Marathon/ walk/ cycle / whatever challenge, it’s the raising the money…

Despite both having very smart iphone 7’s, neither had a clue as to how I’d be able to actually access their Justgiving sites…. so it did take me about 20 Minutes to find them myself, online.  The 20 Minutes laughing, whilst searching, was time that I’ll remember.

Talking about laughing, Pia has invented a game for her and I, when we’re out. She tells waitresses/ shop assistants/ anybody interested that she is looking after me after my accident, and that due to my bang on the head, I have Tourette’s Syndrome. As this is actually pretty accurate, I then find myself saying inappropriate things out loud, much to the amusement of said waitress/ shop assistant ( and most of all, Pia who belly laughs to encourage me ).  The reaction of waitress/ shop assistant has every time ( so far ) been to laugh hysterically and say something like ‘ awwww, bless him, can’t he help it?’

I know it’s wrong, but since I have Tourette’s, I’m powerless to actually stop it….

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