I’m not a gambler, or at least not with money. I don’t feel the lure of a slot machine, or poker, or any online betting game and I never have.

Once a year though, I do have a bet, and it’s on The Grand National. I’m not into horses, or horse racing ( or for that matter any type of racing that’s not human powered ). Every year without fail, I lose £50 on the race. I put bets on for my girls, and for me. This year I thought I’d do it differently and  we’d have a sweepstakes. I told the girls that I’d put £50 in, if they put £10 each in. That last bit was fairly unpopular…. Amber said ‘ what, does that mean I might LOSE TEN POUNDS ? Yes, Amber it does… but you may WIN SIXTY POUNDS….  I then said ‘ ok, you can put just £1 each in, and I’ll put £5 ?’  That was even more unpopular, so my initial offer was passed.

I cut out the horses’ names from the paper, and we each pulled 14 from the hat, with Amber getting the one left over, as well. There hadn’t been a whole lot of excitement until then… but once the race had started, it was pandemonium. I don’t think the girls could have stood any closer to the telly, or screamed any louder, or jumped up and down any more than they did.

It was probably the best 10 minutes that I can remember, in the last 3 and a half years.  Needless to say, the chief pre race moaner and pessimist won the £70, then declaring herself as ‘ the lucky one of the family ‘ ?

She sent this picture to us shortly afterwards, with the charming message ‘ Get wrecked, Faggots’ …

I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean, but it WAS sent with a cheeky grin…

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  1. Loved reading this russ.. Best moment ever are these type of ones with your kids . …. We tried to do that with the world cup rugby with my kids who are younger than yours but as they draw played one of my boys knew he got the short straw .. With japan ..and then didnt they go and beat South africa !!! Best moment ever for william ha ha .. ..so good or you ….nice one dad dawkins !, x

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