Spasms having finally diminished back to a tolerable level, I slept for 9 hours last night. I couldn’t believe the time,  when I woke up at 10 am and realised that 9 hours had elapsed since I last looked at my watch ( just not being used to that at all )  but it had.

What ive done is to to what I’ve always done – just carry on, just keep pushing until I get there eventually.  I did know that resolution would come eventually, however long it took… and it did.  That knowledge doesn’t make it easy, but it does occupy the time until you get there.

To that end I’ve been exercising hard and been  out as much as I can have. Last night I went with Pia and Cliff, and Leigh and Bev, to Camden to see a great guy ( George Morgan / The Beach ) sing. I’ve known George since he was about 5, and now he’s almost a rock star. Look him up on YouTube/ Vevo or Spotify.

Just before leaving, Pia mentioned that the gig was ‘ upstairs in a pub, but that they were on top of that ‘ .  The hilarious reality was a portage up 4 flights of narrow stairs in a Victorian building.  To me, there is no fear of falling if dropped, because I just don’t care if I get hurt. What does concern me is the risk of injury to my ‘bearers’. If I was dropped, then for sure it would be pretty calamitous for me, but as I tumbled over and over down steep stairs I’d take at least 2 guys with me. My chair is hard and unforgiving, and could do a lot of damage to someone knocked over and dragged down steep steps, which I’d be 100% responsible for.

As it was, The Beach were brilliant, I wasn’t dropped, and the train and night bus combination worked like a dream. Thanks as always to Pia, and to lots of other people too.

Marc Almond was also brilliant this week, though I did feel like crap, and Cress was really cool in her  play tonight. My consultation in hospital went well today, and I’m all prepared for admission in 2 weeks. Thank you to my help today at the hospital, to the kind staff there who were all extremely courteous and professional.

The video is a clip of The Beach, last night.

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