My first weekend away then since August , and my introduction to British College events.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of Victoria and Francesca, and without the kindness of British College staff. We travelled by car, which was also a bit of a change for me. I can’t get in by myself now, or out, and I’m not driving myself… but I’ve never had a problem with not being the driver, which is just as well.

My usual dose of bad luck kicked in and I had a ridiculously spasming period that lasted for 12 hours, including my visit to the Conference and the Ball afterwards, and meant me missing the last day after a feverish night in bed last night.  As usual though, I’ve bounced back and feel ok now, except for more a more than average amount  of spasming still – never good, but I’m coping.

I saw my friend, Philippa, who I was really close to in Uni, and was undoubtedly responsible for me actually getting a degree at all – she’d loan me a whole year’s worth of notes 2 months before the exams started, and I’d spend 24 hours and a lot of money photocopying. The way I looked at it – it made perfect sense – she made better notes than I would have ( had I turned up for the lectures ).   We had a real laugh, which made up for the bad bits, and made a few new friends, including Parth and Mike, which I love doing.

I’m looking forward to seeing Jo tomorrow, and Nev on Wednesday, as well as a gig with Pia on Wednesday night in Camden, which should be brilliant.

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