My life continues to be ruled by spasms and bloating complications… the latter now dictating quite a lot how I feel about going anywhere. Being out in a public place and being very conscious of  what is going on inside me, but unable to do anything about it, is extremely distracting for me.

Likewise, being jolted awake by violent spasms is also a crap start to any day. They are never just a one off – jolting spasms don’t ‘ just stop’ – there is always something that happens next.

I spent a night away at a friend’s house  ( only my second since August last year ). Massive thanks to Damian and Sally for their extreme hospitality, and for my buddy, Rob, for dropping everything to …. come and drink Guinness…

Damian was my first ( proper job ) boss when I was only 20, and he and I became really good friends very quickly. He realised pretty quickly that I was happier to go with him to the gym at lunchtime and lift weights with him, than for either of us to actually work, so it seemed to be the ideal job, and him the ideal boss. Unfortunately, after 3 months, he left, and his replacement wasn’t interested in me going to the gym with her in the middle of the working day, so it didn’t work out…. and I left ( actually feeling aggrieved – imagine that ?! ) Anyway….. it was funny then, and it’s still funny now.

His then partner, Stephen, who was supposed to be supervising me through my Pre registration ophthalmics year, is now a successful  artist, with a specialty in painting pictures of women wearing hardly any kit on. Like me, he wasn’t your typical optician type…. so I’m not really surprised that he didn’t stick at it.

Damian has been pretty successful in business over the years, having been massively entrepreneurial, and amongst other things has a Steinway piano in his hallway – now that is a beautiful thing to even look at. I’d love to hear my daughter, Lily, play it, and hear what she thinks of the experience.

I enclose a picture of the ‘ insides’ of a piano that’s worth as much as a house, or I would if I could get this site to upload the blimmin picture. 

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