Night time fun.

My spasms were non stop at about 5.45 this morning.

Every time I breathed in, one happened. I can just about reach the light switch, if I can reach the control panel that elevates my bed, and then sits me up.

Having turned the light on, I could see that both my legs had fallen off the bed, so my body was pretty twisted in the middle. Furthermore, my catheter had got all tangled in the bed frame, so my penis was being pulled very hard from the stopper inside my bladder .

There was absolutely nothing I could do about it myself- I tried and totally failed to reach and pull either leg back into the bed, for a while. I realised that if I kept trying, I’d end up falling out of

I gave up and  guiltily called the house phone for help, which came.

i went back to sleep, after apologising and expressing my gratitude for the assistance.

This morning my catheter is full of blood, from the internal trauma… which I hope isn’t too awful. I won’t panic and just monitor the blood flow, which ought to stop?

Oh, and I’ve got toothache too.

Whilst in hospital two really large and old fillings fell out, and now I have pain in another tooth as well.

I made an appointment with a local dentist, explaining that  I can’t get out of my own Chair and into hers, and she’s cool with that. Things like dental issues seem so insignificant now, relative to my day to day difficulties, that I really don’t  assign any drama to them at all.

The amount of bleeding has diminished a fair bit, too.



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