So far so good.

I think they’re all a bit taken aback my my redoing mental clarity.

Amber had no idea that I could speak French  – suddenly I’m useful when it comes to homework and pronunciation – well I never.

And she gets to have my iPhone -as I was upgraded to a new one.  So that’s 2 benefits!

Interrupting spousal TV watching routine also went quite well… well I didn’t really want to watch Poldark Episode 11, having seen  none of the others, so an ITV thing on Tutankhamen’s tomb discovery was an uncontroversial choice..

Take away pizza wasn’t really my thing – I can’t really eat fast food, having become used to eating very selectively and healthily in hospital ( as was totally my leaning in any case ) Two slices was more than enough for me.

The hospital bed in my room is a bit strange, but it does sit me up which is good.

I woke and shifted my legs from leaning one way to the other to pressure relieve my skin. Both legs then immediately fell off the bed and I could do absolutely nothing to get them back on.  The third person that I phoned was able to come and assist me – so no harm done .

District nurses come at ten for the Show, I haven’t as yet crapped myself, so that s a recent record ( 2  whole days )

My buddy, Jeremy is coming at 12 to entertain me (?) and I’ll hopefully get out tonight to do something cerebral, which I do have a plan for.

Getting divorced does mean that it’s not a given that I get invited out to ‘ friends ‘ events, and of course vice versa for my soon to be ex wife. So that’ll be interesting …. but for me most definitely humorous.

Missing the hospital staff already. Mario,  Sheku but particularly Pedro and Rahel are all very special people.

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