Cerebral developments

I’ve spent all day doing ‘intellectual’ things.

Having ‘ come to my senses ‘ I’ve got involved in various friends ocular health / eyesight/ spectacle issues, all of which I’m  good at, once again.

I’ve  also got involved with my own career future too, which was being dictated by persons other than myself, and not in a way that is in my interests.

So, a friend’s mum’s  forthcoming cataract operation, a close friend’s varifocal problems, and the manner that she’s been dealt with by a practice, and my own career direction.

Ive dealt with an import issue, involving Customs and Excise, form filling in, and organisation.

These things hardly require me to be a genius, but my point is that for the last 3 years or so, I wouldn’t have been able to mentally process the sequence of steps required, I’d have ‘ bottled’ and not done it, or asked someone else to do it.

Now I ‘ am capable ‘ again,  which is a trait in me that I assume I had before, but I can’t remember for sure whether I was or not.

My buddy, Glenn, there at the road where I almost died of my terrible injuries, and there in the ambulance after I’d tried to end my life deliberately not long ago, visited yesterday and kept saying, over and over, that he couldn’t believe the positive changes in my mentality , my ‘re-birth’ being nothing skirt of miraculous, especially given the host of extra disabilities that I now have, post op’s.

He described the ever present sadness that he sensed just below the surface, one that I thought would never ever go away, condemning me to a life of coping with misery, or ending my own life suddenly and traumatically at any point.

Huge thanks to Kev and Jo Nielsen for doing something for me today, a thing that I don’t want to share just yet, but that is exciting.

They told me yesterday that I’ve got to not stress my metalwork for a year, which means no arm biking or sit skiing without total help doing so.

A year doesn’t matter to me, I’ve got plenty of things to do, all of a sudden.

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