I escaped.

From one extreme to the other – locked in this room for weeks, and with a fixed view from a window, to being, within 15 minutes, 1000 feet up in the sky, in the highest building in Britain.

The top floor of The Shard means taking 3 very fast lifts, and is absolutely worth visiting.
Bloody hell its s long way up.



Good of Marky P to push me up there.
Getting into the chair is very difficult now, but worth it.
Not thanks for not telling me that my hair looks like that crazy scientist from Back to the Future.
I don’t really have a mirror to look in, so it wasn’t til I saw myself in the elevator mirror – where I had to use lots of spit to pat it down.
The last person to do that to me with my Nana Tess, when I was about 9, and it made me think about her, between the laughs.
Mind you, she always did make me laugh, right up to the day she died.

Thanks to Toby and Rob C for coming today. I was so bloody sleepy – sorry guys.

I expect to leave here soon, maybe this week, for my next phase, in The Wellington Hospital, in St John’s Wood, North London.
I’ll be there for at last a month, and do expect to progress in various ways – that being the whole point of going there..

4 thoughts on “I escaped.

  1. Good on you, Mark! It would have been a shame to be so close and not get to have a good look form the top.
    Russ, I shall have to bring you some ‘product’ for that barnet!

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