As I am so bloody fixed in one position now, I can’t take off my T shirt whilst lying down, as I can’t wriggle about at all.
I end up with it stuck over my face, and then slightly panicking when I can’t do anything about it.
The obvious solution is to take it off before I transfer into bed ( and God, that’s a lot harder now too ) or I’ll have to just sweat in it for the night.

Transferring has to be via a slide board, though as I can’t bend over to pick it up, I’ll have to keep one on the bed all of the time, as well as one on the car seat ( if driving proves possible ) And it takes 2 people to help me. Once I start falling, if I’m not able to grab something solid, I’ve had it.

Coughing still hurts massively, though I’ve no doubt it’ll ease over the next few days.

There’s been a stay of execution ref just throwing me back into the community, without much support, as I’ll get another month of help to adjust to being like a plank of wood.

I hope I’ll still get visitors, as for sure they’re my lifeblood.

Thank you to Russ and Jeremy today.
And to Dr Lisa, the psychologist, for very much reassuring me that I’m not mad, or even slightly crazy come to that.

She didn’t say I was normal tho, thankfully…

It’s 1 am and I’ll go to sleep soon I hope. My usual 4 hours or so can’t really be enough.

Hoping for visits tomorrow from certain people before they go away on holiday.
Fingers crossed.

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  1. I’m so pleased for you that you get a month with proper help, will you be staying at LBH, or going somewhere else on the 18th, & if so, is it organised or do you need a helping hand? Xx

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