Sad story.

As I’ve had a bad evening, I thought I’d not write about it, but about something that affected me quite a bit at the time I heard, and ever since.

Some friends of mine had gone on a ‘ work jolly’ – a corporate team event that included drinking and stuff to do, that you wouldn’t normally do.
One of them was going up in a hot air balloon, 6 people at a time in the basket.

This particular flight was in the afternoon, and the ( mostly male ) invitees were mostly a bit/ 0r a lot pissed.
When one fella in a suit held on to the bottom end of one of the ropes,that had secured the balloon to the ground and it pulled him up into the air, most guys clapped and cheered as he rose up with the balloon.

Except within seconds the hot air from the burners had taken him up a hundred feet, and he had the choice of trying to climb the rope ( which most people can’t do ) or clinging on until they got the balloon back to the ground ( a long time, as it would have gone up a lot higher before they realised they had a man suspended beneath them and expelled enough hot air to get the craft to sink again safely, and he couldn’t have held on that long anyway ) or his last option, which was to just let go and fall, before it was definitely too late.

As it was, it was too late anyway, and he let go and fell to his death, after doing something for a joke to impress his mates just a few seconds earlier.

A good ten years on, and I still think about it.

A woman would never die that way.

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