They’ve made it clear that this one is a risky one, as in it may go wrong.

Lots of sharp metal and lots of major arteries and veins.
They have a very eminent vascular surgeon there, very much involved, so that he can try to prevent vessels being punctured. If one is, by a drill, a scalpel, a screw, a screwdriver, the metal plates that they are putting in, then the bleed will be very hard to stop.

I can sense that the nurses here are nervous. I’ve had lots of concerned faces saying good luck for tomorrow ..

I’m totally sanguine about it, and am at peace with the world. I’m not on any mind altering pills, so this is me talking.
I feel like I’m back, as in the real pre injury me, but a far nicer one.

And if I die, then I’ll die happy.
That is something I never thought I’d re achieve.
I’ve lived in a dark hole for 3 yrs.
not going back there, no way.

They take me down in ten minutes.

If I don’t blog by 3pm then I maybe won’t after that!

Thank you to Cherie, who said she’d be there to wake up to.


PS Good luck today to my friend, Gra.

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