Thanks to Clair for her visit, and for the cofee, plus the nuts!
Thanks to Pia for the deodorant and the toothpaste ! And the wine – which I too had a glass of…!

Thanks to the kindness of the staff here, too.

I now sleep better, but not necessarily enough, through a different drug that is an anti spasmodic ( for my spasms )

I’ve also had the nous to switch to a diet heavy in calcium – for my bone density – that’s a lot of boiled eggs, milk and cheese omelettes, plus bags of almonds, broccoli and fruit ( the fruit is a permanent fixture !)

Thanks for all the messages that I continue to get.
I absolutely reply to every one.

Not a single message from anyone at my work – except one person. Funny old dynamic, that work one. There’s a big difference between real friends and colleagues.

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  1. Hi Russ. Work vs friends dynamic becomes clear on retirement. The work was the glue that held us together. Once that’s gone…
    Btw I’ve been reading Real Homes. Very interesting.
    Finally you’ll need all that fruit after eggs etc

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