I’ve gone to a barbers. Not had a haircut for a long time, or not properly anyway.

There are 11 of us in a room that is 20 by 10 feet.
Two young women, one doing the makeup of another ( they are doing that here too ) Neither have masks.
Two young male hairdressers – both in masks but one wearing it low so it’s not covering his nose.
Two kids – not wearing masks.
One 40 year old fat bloke having his hair cut – no mask
A mum and dad of the 2 kids – both in masks.
Me, in a mask.

If one of us was carrying the virus than it’s a fairly good chance that 4/5 of us would pick it up as we aren’t distanced much.
Either woman would definitely infect the other. They are a foot apart all of the time and talking a lot.

I think it’s fair to say that no one really cares much about transmission of it, or catching it.

A really old and frail chap has just come in, using a walker. He doesn’t look too well, and there’s a strong smell of smoke coming off him that’s obvious even though I have a mask over my nose. He’s pretty evidently in the vulnerable group, but not bothered enough to care.
Where am I ? Well I don’t think it would kill me either. This is the first time I’ve ‘ risked catching it ‘ so blatantly I’d say. Unsure how I feel about that.

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