Temporary Carer is doing fine – day one is always critical and so far, so good. Linda has flown away for a few days, and entrusted me to a lovely Romainian. As I’ve been out a lot, it’s not been too demanding for her, other than 2 episodes of ridiculous spasming that was almost intolerable for me,  but that’ll change tomorrow I think, with Travel duties planned…

Oh, and she has to make me pancakes, obviously, as leaving me in charge of tossing would be just dangerous.

No clever comments, please…..

Something new? I bought mudguards for my wheelchair…

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  1. RB, you’ve always been a Tosser in my eyes (Clive Anderson said something similar to The Bee Gees on a late night chat-show and they simply ripped off their microphones and walked off set). Try honey smothered on Welsh cakes – ‘mazin’.

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