I’m very aware that I’ve not posted anything for a while. That’s because I’ve been holding my breath and steeling myself for the inevitable – that inevitability being that something bad is going to happen. Because that’s what has always happened for almost 6 years now. Positives are always cancelled out by negatives, and yes, I’ve really had positive things happening in my life of late.

I’ve seen my daughters, Lily several times in fact. Lily has been offered a place at Oxford university to study English, which is a massive accomplishment on her part. I can’t imagine where she gets her ability to write from… it’s a mystery to me, that one…… but who cares.

I’ve seen my younger daughter, Amber too. Last night to commemorate Lily’s achievement I suggested we go to the top decks of The Shard, a 1000 feet up, a lofty perch on which to celebrate the pinnacle of Lily’s life thus far. Their mum came too, and fun was had by all of us together, something not that predictable not long ago.

Today I am taking Lily to see a play. Yes, things are so going in a straighter line of late. It’s not been that way for what seems an eternity, and it seems ever so strange for me, with the, as just mentioned, sense that the road I’m on has to suddenly surely zigzag crazily, because it always bloody does.

Through all this improvement, and quite possibly because of her presence, has been Wendy, certainly the most kind and thoughtful person that I’ve ever met.

Isn’t it good that her child and mine will both be at the same Uni next academic year? Who’d have thought it? Maybe they’ll breed?

Best not to think about that.

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  1. Which college will Lily be attending, Dawky ? I taught in comps in Oxford and the city centre and surrounding parks, sports grounds etc are picturesque. Fantastic achievement.

  2. Great news Our Russ,good on you ,so pleased all the girls are having a night out with you.as always much love .Gill and Mike.xx😁😁😁

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